About Us

Onslow Bay Boatworks manufactures marine products of the highest quality and best features. Our staff takes pride in every step of construction to make sure that you receive a product that will give you years of trouble free service, the first time that you get it, not after an extensive “punch list” is completed.

We currently offer the 27 Offshore Edition with or without forward seating which is formerly the 23 Tournament Edition. This hull is a proven tournament winner and has a true Deep V bottom with a large flare and many different options to choose from. Ask any owner of an Onslow Bay 27, and they will tell you that nothing on the market under 30’ comes close.

We also have available the Onslow Bay 32 Tournament Edition. It has an overall length of 32’10” and a beam of just under 10’. It also has a very large bow flare and reverse chine that starts at 7 degrees and tapers to 5 degrees for one of the driest rides available in its class.

The 32 is also available in a step hull version which is called the Onslow Bay 33 Tournament Edition. It has none of the negatives that you commonly hear about step hulls and all of the positives. With the same power, we are seeing a 5 to 6 mph increase in speed, and a .2 mpg increase in fuel economy.

Every product that we manufacture is built with quality, performance, and longevity in mind. At Onslow Bay Boatworks, we feel that the correct way to build a product is to do it right the first time so that you have many stress free years of enjoyment.

f you ever have any questions about any of our products or would like to take a tour of our factory, or demo ride, feel free to call us at 910-270-3703, or email us at sales@onslowbayboats.com .